I’m Nakia Gray

and Bedrock Law is dedicated to filling that need.

I work with entrepreneurs to help you build a strong foundation and position your business for long-term success.  I have three primary goals in working with creative entrepreneurs:

I’m Nakia Gray

and Bedrock Law is dedicated to filling that need.

This all-inclusive package covers the full range of legal needs for a typical business launch. It’s designed to provide ongoing support as a 90-Day Program. It includes both one-on-one legal counseling and “done for you” entity formation. Use this package to launch your new business and get off to a great start!

  • I want to take away your fear of legal issues and educate you about legalities. It’s critical to ensuring that your business is rock solid. You don’t want to inadvertently set yourself up for later legal or tax problems because you lack knowledge.
  • Let’s do everything possible to reduce your exposure to liability. Often, creatives aren’t thinking about liability, and that can be deadly to your business survival. One big claim against you can end your dream forever.
  • Protecting your intellectual property is the bedrock of building a business empire. You don’t want to get a cease and desist letter telling you to stop using your business name because someone else has trademarked it. It’s hard to leverage your brand and your business when you don’t actually “own” it.

Legally Protecting Your Brand
is Non-negotiable

You’re A Legit Business Owner, And You’re Building Your Empire

You’ve worked hard to create a business around your passion. You’re a creative entrepreneur—a coach, designer, writer, mentor, stylist, artist, or freelancer. You’ve got amazing clients who love you. You get paid to share your creative gifts with the world. Isn’t that just amazing?

This isn’t just a hobby to you, and you don’t want to risk losing it all. In the excitement of a creative business, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to legally protecting your brand. Many creative entrepreneurs express a similar feeling—”all things legal scare the living daylights out of me!”

We Do It For You, You Do It Yourself, Or A Combination Of The Two

Having a lawyer who can help you doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, not doing things right from the start can cost you thousands and more in the long run.

I’m an entrepreneur myself so I get it. There’s only so much time in the day, and your business takes a lot of time. It’s so easy to put off the legal basics—for some future day—a day that never comes. Think of it this way. You’re buying legal services, sure, but what you’re really buying is protection for your business.


Bedrock Law

1:1 Legal Services


Bedrock Academy

Do It Yourself


Custom Options

A combination of both 1:1 legal services + do it yourself offerings.

Bedrock Law: One-on-One Legal Services

You want customized legal services specific to your business and its needs. What you do is unique, and purchasing “off-the-rack” isn’t your thing. You have a lot of questions you need the answers to. You need to know exactly the best ways for you to proceed legally.

Let’s start with a 15-minute complimentary information session. This gives you a chance to let me know what you need help with and get an idea of how I can help you. It’s not legal advice and you’re not my client yet, but in the session, you get the opportunity to discover whether or not you want to work with me.


Here are some of our packages for small business owners:

Copyright Registration

If you create stuff, you need copyright protection. Copyright protects things like music, logos, blog articles, website content, lyrics, scripts, e-books, and lots of other forms of content.

The Copyright Registration Package includes:

  • Copyright Inventory: together, we explore everything you’ve created to identify what needs to be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Copyright Registration Session: Watch me as I draft and file your copyright application(s) with the U.S. Copyright Office {so you can do it yourself when you create more content in the future}
  • Copyright Prosecution: I monitor your application and respond to any inquiries from the U. S. Copyright Office on your behalf during the application process.

Investment: Starts at $600

Entrepreneur Jumpstart Program

This all-inclusive package covers the full range of legal needs to help you lay the proper foundation when launching your business. The 90-Day Program offers ongoing support to help you launch your new business as well as legal counseling to get you off to a great start. And the good news is we offer flexible payment plans.

Here’s what you get…

Documents and Filings

  • Business entity formation, counseling, and setup: The right business entity for your business will save you money in taxes and give you adequate legal protection. If you haven’t formed your business entity yet, we’ll identify the best entity for your particular business, and then take care of the setup and relevant filings. If you have already established your business entity, we’ll evaluate it to see if it’s the best fit and discuss potential alternatives that might be more beneficial. You’ll also get guidance on how to keep your entity in good standing;
  • Entity documentation drafting: We draft the necessary foundational documents for theset up your particular business entity;
  • DBA and EIN: If applicable for your business, we will file your DBA and request your EIN from the IRS;
  • Name clearance: We run a clearance search on your chosen business or product/project/service name to make sure it is legally free and clear for use in your industry;
  • Client Service Agreement: If you are a service provider, this contract is critical — it ensures that you get paid on time, don’t have to perform work that you haven’t agreed to, limits your legal liability, and helps you put an end to client relationships that are no longer a good fit;
  • Independent Contractor Agreement: This agreement is essential when working with contractors — it protects your confidential information, communicates your expectations, makes sure you own all of the valuable work the contractor creates on your behalf, and much more;
  • Online business protection: We will draft your privacy policy, terms of use, terms of service, website and marketing-material disclaimers — all of these documents are essential for doing business online; and
  • Business licensing, zoning, registration: We also assist with licensing, zoning, and registration needs as necessary.

Investment: $2,500

Entity Formation Package

This package is perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to launch a new business and wants to do things the right way from the start and avoid legal issues down the road.

We will sit down for 90 minutes and get your business set up properly so that you can hit the ground running and start making money.


  • a business name search/clearance (for trademark compliance);
  • drafting and filing of the articles of organization/incorporation;
  • your filing fee;
  • obtaining an EIN number;
  • and drafting of the operating agreement/bylaws/partnership agreement


By the end of this 90-minute session, you are an official business owner.

Investment: Starts at $1,200

Bedrock Academy: Do it Yourself

Our Bedrock Academy is designed to empower you to do it yourself—as much as possible. The Academy is packed with courses (free and paid), contract templates (you can buy as-needed), and even free resources. At minimum, you can educate yourself on your most pressing legal issues. Whether you decide to do things yourself or hire my help, you end up understanding what you need to know.

Custom Options: A combination of the two

You can even combine the two—educating yourself and also hiring me as needed. That’s the beauty of this comprehensive Bedrock Law system we’ve built for you. Clients can design any kind of combination of legal services that work best. It’s truly built for maximum flexibility to fit your business.

Stop putting it off and let’s work together.