You Need To Solve Specific Problems When Starting a New Business 

You want to be sure that your new business has a solid legal foundation and is protected. We make sure that you know what you need to know and understand how to do everything right ( legally). 

Some of the problems a Legal Strategy VIP Day can solve for you:

  • You need to be sure you have a solid legal start to your business—and don’t want to worry about anything.
  • You want advice on setting up your legal entity and can’t risk the exposure of doing it yourself.
  • You understand that having solid agreements is critical to protecting your business and your revenue, but you don’t know exactly what you need
  • You want to avoid any legal or tax consequences caused by making incorrect startup choices. 
  • You’re exceptionally creative and very protective of your intellectual property. Protecting your creations from theft or misuse is extremely important to you.

Legal Strategy VIP Day Is A Quick Solution To A Startup’s Legal Needs

You Can Feel Confident Rather Than Worried About Legalities

You have my undivided attention for a full six hours on one day. We’ll work together closely with my personal one-on-one attention focused on your legal and branding needs. This covers not only the legal aspects of your business but also covers your business planning and goal setting. We strategize together to protect you, your assets, and your profits.

Preferably, we work together in person at my office overlooking The Wharf in Washington, D.C., but we can also do it by Zoom video conferencing if you don’t want to travel to D.C.

Maximal Legal Protection
Affordable Price – All Done In One Day
you pick the timeframe.

Full Legal Strategy VIP Day

Select 2 Major Challenges

Half-Day Legal Strategy Session

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Business Entity Formation, Counseling, and Setup

  • Business Entity Selection. Choosing the right entity for your business is critical to profitability. It can save you tax money and assures you the best legal protection for your personal assets. Together we discuss—in depth—the correct entity for your business. I ask you relevant questions that identify the best entity for your business and you get advice that fits your needs. If you’ve already established a business entity, I evaluate it to see if it’s the best fit for your current needs. We discuss potential alternatives that might be more beneficial.
  • Entity documentation drafting. Once you’ve decided on the entity form, we handle the filings that day. This way, you can spend your time conducting business rather than getting the business set up.
  • Draft whichever agreement you need to operate the business. This document lays out the legal aspects of governance and succession of your business. With the proper documents in place for your entity, your business has legal protection. Proper documentation protects your personal assets and ensures smooth business operations. It also affords legal standing in the eyes of the law, IRS, and lending institutions. The type of entity you set up determines which of the following three different agreements you need.
  • Partnership Agreement—if you have a partnership, you require a partnership agreement.
  • Operating Agreement—when you set up an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), you must have an Operating Agreement.
  • Corporation Bylaws—for a corporation (either a C Corp or an S Corp), your entity requires Corporation Bylaws.
  • Business Entity Maintenance. Once you have an entity, you must keep your entity in good standing. Most states require entities to perform specific activities to continue operations. Failing to comply could lead to problems, fines or threaten the continuation of the business.

Doing Business as (DBA) and Employer Identification Number (EIN) Filings

  • DBA Filing. A company is considered to be “doing business as” when the business name is different from its legal, registered name. Some states require DBA or fictitious business name filings to provide information to consumers about who is conducting the business. If you need this, we file your DBA for you. 
  • EIN Filing. The Employer Identification Number is a unique nine-digit Federal Tax Identification Number. It is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business entities operating in the United States. It identifies your business to the IRS for federal tax purposes. We file your request for an EIN from the IRS. 

Entity Formation Package

This package is perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to launch a new business and wants to do things the right way from the start and avoid legal issues down the road.

We will sit down for 90 minutes and get your business set up properly so that you can hit the ground running and start making money.

Securing Your Business/Brand Name—Free From Trademark Infringement Name Search and Clearance

When you choose a name for your business/service/product/event/program, you must choose one that is not already being used. Otherwise, you won’t have a legal right to it. Without that right, you could end up having to cease using the name because it infringes on the trademark rights of another.

Ensuring That Your Intellectual Property Is Protected Copyright Registration Of Your Intellectual Property

When you create a lot of intellectual property, you don’t want to risk having it stolen. You need to protect it from theft or misuse. We review all your intellectual property to see what needs to be protected. For most businesses owners, this includes logo, website, and other works you’ve created. Think about things like books, eBooks, blog articles, and especially any unique approach or solution to a problem that you’ve created.

Locking Down Your Legal Rights in Agreements Client Service Agreement

When you provide services, this contract is foundational to protect your rights and your revenue. It’s critical to make sure that your agreement gets you paid on time—without performing work that you haven’t agreed to. We limit your legal liability and structure a way for you to end client relationships that are not a good fit.

Independent Contractor Agreement

If you employ contractors, this agreement is essential to protect your business. Your contractor agreement must communicate your expectations and protect your confidential information. We ensure that you own all of the valuable work the contractor does for you. We discuss relevant issues and include them in the agreement if needed.

Brand Strategy Intensive

Shorten the learning curve and reduce the costly mistakes many entrepreneurs experience when launching their businesses. As an attorney and business consultant with my own online law firm, I built my practice from the ground up. With a background in marketing, strategic communication and intellectual property law, I have the perfect blend of brand and legal strategy to help you stand out and kill it in your industry.

During our time together, I can personally walk you step-by-step through exactly how to plan, launch & grow your dream business. I’ll share exactly what I did in my own business to go from zero to six-figures in year 1 – and how to take your specific business to the next level, and beyond.

Maximal Legal Protection
Affordable Price – All Done In One Day
you pick the timeframe.

Full Legal Strategy VIP Day


Select 2 Major Challenges

Half-Day Legal Strategy Session


Select 1 Major Challenge

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